The shelves are stocked and lookin’ real, real good, y’all. We’ve got a bunch of fabulous new items in—silkscreened T-shirts from Raeburn Ink, vintage man friendly shirts and jackets, one very pissed-looking (in a loving way) homemade portrait of a miner and a whole bunch of other beyond-words items that truly belong on your shelves, not ours. Come quick!

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Our latest very, very exciting new item in the shop is a terrific diary/journal guaranteed to last you a full five years. Five years! Can you imagine? Five whole years free from that agonizing journal to journal transfer period. Five years of daily activities and musings logged for all eternity. And a book log. And a map to chart your travels. And a red ribbon bookmark. Mercy, sign me up!

Here’s how it works: Each page of this special book, designed by Ms. Tamara Shopsin, represents one day across five years, so that you can look back and revisit what you were doing years ago as you write your new entry. Brilliant, right?

Also, as elegant as it is as is, we’ve also conspired with Nile’s inspired grandma Lala to paint up several of them to offer in the shop. For those of you who have spied and coveted Nile’s rose-adorned clogs, now is your chance to own a slice of that grandma love. And Lala want you to know that things are really best when personalized and she would very much like to paint your name/heart’s desire on your journal for you. Let us know, and we’ll pass on your instructions to her. Thanks Lala!

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We’re super pleased to have positioned the shop in precisely the very most fortuitous location as to enjoy the splendor of the big Mission Carnaval festivities, while at the same time keeping our doors open (and hopefully reeling in some newcomers—that means you, very special lady with the crazy bra). Turns out that the parking lot across the street at 18th and Harrison shall be known as the “Main Stage”/headquarters for this whole mega block party.

We highly suggest that you all check out the Carnaval happenings this Saturday and Sunday and then come check us out. We’d love to see you!

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Mr. Tahiti Pehrson came by the shop today to install the excellent new signage out front, which he designed and hand cut his very self. Thankfully, we got a hold of him before he started exacto knifing into the all-too-tasteful colors he originally intended—I mean, of course there’s got to be some place for elegant browns and blues and such, but it is certainly not our storefront. Neon and silver foil and glitter gold foil and gum ball saw blade gold record, oh my! Now there can be no mistaking where we are and there can certainly be no confusion about the awesomeness.

Look for Tahiti’s designs to show up on T-shirts and tote bags in the shop very soon! Also, he has pledged to make up some assorted handmade goods—what’s that? Did I just hear reggae potholders? Indeed so. And just what does that mean, exactly? Come find out.

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