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This print was inspired by our New Year’s Day hike in the Sequoia National Park, where we observed imprints left by leaves and plants where they had fallen. We arranged motifs and patterns in a style that reminded us of patchwork quilts and Japanese woodblock prints. The pattern is named after the earth's topmost layer of soil, the “O Horizon,” comprised of organic matter, leaves, twigs, moss, lichen, and pine needles that are beginning their process of decomposition.




Our Denim Painter and Placer Pants are back in stock next week so we have denim on the mind. We love all the things that denim can be: utility, visionary, sexy, fancy,'s as though it is but a...canvas...(get it?!)

We wanted to share some of our favorite denim moments and inspiration for our very own denim collections.

Are you also obsessed with denim? Whether contemporary or classic, denim is a constant source of delight for us, so share those moody blues and tag us on the gram with your favorite denim moments!

Also, take a look at our moodboard for more denim delicacies!