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The Gravel & Gold Full Moon Blessing was created as moment of ritual and pause in our internal workplace: an opportunity to step outside of our business as usual, look inward for a feeling about the time that has passed and share unselfconsciously with our community. Our hope is that this action encourages others to slow down and reflect as needed to keep moving in a lively and healthful body and mind.  

We have invited artist and educator Emily Tareila to collaborate with us on Full Moon Blessings for the duration of 2017.

Emily is in the midst of a moon project of her own called Bright Power - a year-long, participatory project for all of 2017 that uses the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse, August 21st, as a catalyst for thinking about our relationships to ourselves, one another and the planet. The project dedicates days in the new and full moon to slow down, look, listen, talk, cook, and reflect. Emily has created a series of prompts, inspirations and other resources to help guide the participants of Bright Power. You can read about the full scope of Bright Power.

Emily's project really resonates with us. In particular, exploring the moon cycles to recalibrate and reimagine time. Post-election, we have found it difficult to focus and find a clear path for moving forward with impact. Abhorrent policy shifts, and the news and feeds that engage us are moving at what feels like lightning speed. We are astonished, angered, motivated and soon after distracted by the next outrage. It is an incredible amount of information to process and an unprecedented amount of stimulation.

Amongst all this chaos it is a challenge not to feel overwhelmed, depleted and despondent. So! We have to root down and find strength and salience! We welcome this practice that encourages us to at our core move at the ancient pace of the moon and tides rather than run with the erratic blows of our twitter feeds. We think it's good self care and good practice for taking the long and high road.

Emily's Website

Read an interview with Emily about her other ongoing moon project: Bright Power


For the duration of 2017,  artist and educator, Emily Tareila will be contributing artwork to our monthly Full Moon Blessings.
Read on for more about Bright Power, Emily's other moon focused ongoing project for 2017.
Tell us a bit about your current project, Bright Power:

Well, it’s a year-long, participatory project for all of 2017 that uses the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse, August 21st, as a catalyst for thinking about our relationships to ourselves, one another and the planet. After the election, I was seeking a framework to think through how to contribute positively to a future world I hope to see and help co-create.

So what is the framework for the project?

Every New and Full Moon are dedicated days that I (and about 75 other people in cahoots with the project) are spending slowing down, looking, listening, talking, cooking, reflecting.

I’m sending out a bi-monthly newsletter of sorts sharing reflections, questions, prompts, resources, and more, with contributions from participants. This project aims to connect people together far and wide while also giving importance to what’s happening at home (and in the heart and body).

The New Moons are for inward rejuvenation: spending time alone, reflecting, being quiet, writing, drawing, reading, cooking nourishing food, etc. Full Moons are spent with others and focus on communal meals with small groups of people having conversation and sharing together on a monthly basis.

The framework is flexible in nature and meant to fold into people’s lives as it allows, as it feels right. I myself am also doing a Words of Encouragement postcard correspondence series on New and Full Moons as a part of the project and cooking from Jessica Prentice’s Full Moon Feast.

Can you talk more about the use of the New and Full Moons?

I'm interested in re-evaluating my relationship to time: how can we warm time, make it more compassionate? Many Western folks' relationships to time are based on hours in a day, mostly related to labor or getting away from labor (ie capitalism and imperialism). Using these days to reconnect with the lunar cycle that dictates our tides, the growing cycles of plants, fertility and more feels like a small, positive act of resistance in and of itself: a claiming of power within our bodies.  

Is there anything that you’re doing for the eclipse specifically?

Yes! The shape that the eclipse is making across the continent is called The Path of Totality (very cool). I’m going to be driving the shape, which makes its way from South Carolina to Oregon, this spring, to document the land. During the eclipse, this band of earth will be blocked from our life force, the sun. I’m also gathering a group of people in Idaho for the eclipse itself.

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