We all know that the art of a good mix tape is something that continually satisfies. I for one listen to the same two made-with-love cassettes in the o’l G&G Subaru on repeat. Until now anyways. Mr. Dick Vivian, the man behind the 25 year old San Francisco Institution Rooky Ricardo’s Record’s, has changed my life and most importantly changed my soundtrack.

A few months back after stopping into his outfit for some soul song research, Dick sent me home with five compilations, a Rufus LP and two insane disco singles that have inspired many-a-late-night dance parties in my home. His Lower-Haight shop “boasts a stock of over a 100,000 45′s and 10,000 LPs” and that’s not even the impressive part.

He is a real genius with creating compilations. Stuff you have heard of, maybe, but mainly he is a master in deep cuts, the goldies that you have never had the privileged to hear. This man knows everything about everyone in the 60’s & 70’s soul, r&b, girl group and crossovers genres. And his compilations, oh do they hit that sweet spot! We are so very lucky to have 30 of his titles in-shop and available to purchase.  Come listen to tunes and dance with us! The shop is groovin’ in a way it never has!

Listen Up —> Sweets – Mamma Saw Me

Listen Up —> Sandra Phillips – You Succeeded

Listen Up —> Gerri Diamond – Give Up On Love

Listen Up —> Sam & Dave – It Was So Nice While it Lasted


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