Recipe for VALENTINE’S DAY sex courtesy of GRAVEL & GOLD:

1. FLOWERS Studio Choo

The Studio Choo girls of Prairie Collective make the very most lush, wild-hearted yet refined bouquets in town. Everybody wants one of these! Not just your boyfriend—your landlady, your auto mechanic—these are very beautiful flowers! Arranged with love by Studio Choo.

Alethea and Jill will be putting together two different sized Valentine bouquets: large ones like the lovely purple one pictured  HERE ($50) and small ones like the red flowers and berries one below ($25). If you’re wanting to bring home a large bouquet, they ask that you order ahead HERE and then you can pick it up at Gravel & Gold during our shop hours on Thursday. A selection of smaller, hand-held bouquets tied up with a pretty ribbon and including a unique assortment of seasonal blooms and foliage packed with interesting textures like berries and feathers will be ready to go on the spot as well.

2. SWEET TREATS Zoe Dering

Our dear friend Zoe, who serves as pastry chef at our dear restaurant Outerlands, will be preparing a selection of phenomenal sweets. If you’ve been to Outerlands, you know about the caramels and probably the other stuff too and I really don’t need to explain how exciting it is to access all of it on this side of Golden Gate Park. The day has come! On this day, the Jar Dessert for Two shall be the main event.

Jar Dessert for Two
Chocolate Mouse
Hibiscus Salted Caramel
Black Magic Cake
Vanilla Wafer

Assorted Sundries
Earl Grey Caramels
Chocolate Chip Cookies

3. BONDING Marcus Coplin

Naturopathic doctor, herbalist and ceremonial healer Marcus Coplin will be offering intuitive couple tarot readings in the evening from 5 to 7 pm. Ready for kids? Actually kind of hate each other? Can’t decide where to go to dinner that night? Ask the cards! The cards don’t lie.

And if you and your honey can’t make it in on Thursday but would still like to experience the intuitions of Marcus, we urge at least one of you to make it to his workshop on Sunday, The Sacred Smoke, where he will be helping us to cultivate and strengthen our relationship with tobacco. Valentine’s Day is great! And see, so are the days the come after.

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