I was so excited to come across a 1969 interview with David Osborn and Charles Woods published in American Artist and shared on The Overprint. When I went up to Nevada City to interview Charles late in 2009, he was frail but still enthusiastically sharing his wealth of knowledge about the good old days of pre-computerized graphic design and printing. I got this frantic feeling that I had to get this information down and his work out into the world. We hosted the Osborn/Woods Poster Show a few months later and I believe Charles was pleased with it. Afterwards we went out for champagne & oysters at Foreign Cinema and talked about archiving his work and maybe publishing a book together. We never got that chance, and so it is especially wonderful to come across this detailed description of Charles and David’s “silk-screen process used for lithography” as well as a glimpse of the two of them working together.

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