Have you ever started to sweat at a dinner party because someone sitting across from you looked at you weird? Downed a glass of wine on a date because you couldn’t remember the name of your favorite book? Gone to the doctor convinced the white in your eyes were yellowing? Panicked in a subway for no reason?

Me too.
I’d like to introduce myself. Oh, hi. My name is Dr. Nicky and this is my advice column. I’m here to help.

Life is so scary and you never know when or where it could get even scarier.  But that mentality won’t help you get dates and it certainly won’t help you to become the better version of you who wears nicer clothes, cooks better and embodies gumption.

In my office hangs the following visual aid. It’s called “In the wildness of his fear.” It’s symbolic to my practice because it explains what happens when you let fear win. Let’s take a look.

Here we see Thor trying to kill Jormungandr, the evil wolf-serpent. Instead of slaying the serpent, the weak giant Hymir screams like a little girl, cuts the rope and lets Jormungandr go. My approach draws upon the Thor – Hymir paradigm: I do not let your Jormungandr get away.

I draw upon a wide array of practices, eastern and western, northern and southern, innie and outie.

My approach to healing is that it can sometimes be an indulgence.

Together, we will create the right weaponry to help you shank your fear in a humane way. For some people, the answer is to smell lavender oil in a scary moment. For others, we make-a-dee-mantra. I have one client who has carried a talon in his pocket for 15 years. Whenever he is afraid of something, he pulls it out and slashes the air. It works!

Topics of particular expertise:

~  couples who are afraid of each other’s mannerisms
~  fear of discussing secret goals
~  fear in the bedroom
~  pets with fears
~  bodily fears

The doctor is in. Do write me with your questions at nicky@gravelandgold.com and check back to this blog for your answer.  It’s an advice column with a big heart and no judgment.

And don’t be a Hymir. It’s anonymous!

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