My beloved Grandma Beth had a staggering hoard of art and design books, a number of  which are now in my paws. One that I value most highly is The Architecture of Luis Barragan, a  lovely volume by Emilio Ambasz, published by MoMA New York in 1976. I went deep into this gem about a month ago before heading to Mexico City, where Luis Barragan lived and worked. His personal residence, Casa Luis Barragan, was built in the Tacubaya neighborhood in 1947 and is visitable by reservation. In my best dreams about houses—and there have been many—I couldn’t have pictured the mind blow of this place. It holds sufficient inspiration to last a long time and engender many projects ideas.

The Architecture of Luis Barragan by Emilio Ambasz


Floating Stairs

Living Room from within

Roof Terrace

While we were there, I managed to sneak a few shots of my own during the wonderful tour, led by very sweet architecture students with lit-up eyes:

Yellow Wall

Private RoomBarragan’s personal sitting room, in which he was known to enjoy a largely female pool of visitors. In his bedroom, a tiny folding screen may be found, featuring an image of Iman, whom he thought was the most beautiful woman going!


Looking InThe living room from the outside with an Albers copy—one of Barragan’s many blown-up and mounted repros of modern art.

Jar Garden

Roof Deck Pink Wall

 The house is a total knockout! And so is my Lover against this pink wall.

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