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Dot Dash Earrings

Los Angeles, California
14k gold
Large dot: 3/8" across

When we ladies of G&G first saw these super wee little dots and dashes we immediately took ourselves down to the piercing station and got ourselves some extra ear holes to accommodate them in a full-time way. As you see here, Lisa won the prize for most creative placement with her tiny dot over medium dot plus dash cluster. All the better to show off the array of these brilliant wee ones, dearest.

Kathleen Whitaker makes these 14k gold studs by hand down in Los Angeles. They really are so very tiny--dot, dash, sprinkle, sparkle, staple, glint of golden sunshine.

****They're great to mix and match or as a solo scene. We sell them one by one, so if you're wanting a matched pair, please ring yourself up for 2.


from $35.00

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