Gravel & Gold Goods

San Francisco, California
Gravel & Gold Goods is our in-house line where we put to work the selective eye we've developed for the shop. The 100% breastfed baby of the G&G mama, if you will. Every item has been designed by us and produced in the back of the shop, largely by Holly Samuelsen.

It's a process. So far, we've learned about developing surface designs for prints, printing techniques, developing patterns, cloth, leather, the Chinese zipper dragon who hordeth the zippers of the world, manufacturing possibilities, manufacturing realities, and that making a carefully designed and conscientiously produced item is no small task. We've also reaffirmed the centrality of silliness as well as our fervent dedication to making things small-scale and well. Along the way, we've maximized our respect for all the makers participating in the shop.

It is our hope that the joy we have designing and creating these goods will carry on for the bearer down the line.