Em Gift

San Francisco, California
Raised on a hippy Christian commune til she was eight as the minister's daughter then "rebelled" by going to Santa Cruz for college... Em is the life force to the Gravel & Gold on the constant sphere and brings a mighty punch to the shop. An artist all-round, and enthusiast by nature, Ms. Gift is in constant query as to the world around her and how to attain the REAL New Age.  She has been known throughout the city for her wild dancing, her Cranberries cover band Ocean Spray, her stage adaptation of Clueless, As If!, and her performance art (dancing) alike. When Em is not in shop she is either at the beach or hiking a mountain, possibly wearing a wetsuit or singing, wishing upon a star that some day she will live on top of a river in a glass floored cabin with a natural Geo-thermal sulfur bath on her ocean viewed roof. In-shop she is keen to talk about anything or nothing, to laugh or not laugh and to receive gifts by you or not you. Currently devoting all her energies to the coven Em is the posi-energy the shop vibes on. Goals she has accomplished this year include, learning to surf and beginning ceramics. Next year's goals are to learn to ski and start woodworking.  Em is also a gifted masseuse and semi-professional comedian.