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Field Lab Day with Juniper Ridge

Saturday, November 17th

1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Our good friends at Juniper Ridge are coming back over the bridge, bringing their big-wheeled mobile distillation unit and parking that wagon in front of the shop to “cook up some veggies”. If you didn’t have a chance to catch them back in August you get another chance to catch the action. I assure you that crazy copper still of theirs is a sight to be seen. These trail blazers wild harvest plants, saps and barks, distill their own essential oils and whip up all of their soaps, incenses and fragrances themselves. Newest on their list of goodies is a dreamy Trail Crew Soap (yay Dr. Bronners alternative) and the magical magic mountain misery infused Wild Plumb Camp solid perfume. Come on down and meet the crew, watch the magic, sip some teas, chew the fat and get inspired!

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