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Climb On!

25 February 2014
Holly Samuelsen

The focus of this video is the off the wall climbing prowess of Catherine Destivelle and her short shorts, but please take note of the excellent textile moves of the Dogon tribespeople. The baobab bark rope twining and indigo dyed skirts and head wraps are a fine example of some advanced textile know how. Thanks for the link Dr. Coplin!

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Lloyd Hugs Em

28 February 2012
Lisa Foti-Straus

Thanks, Lloyd, for an inspiring evening. More copies of Tiny Homes available at the shop.

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One Week

17 February 2012
Cassie McGettigan

Lookin’ forward to Lloyd’s Tiny Homes slideshow, one week from today.

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Saturn, Return Me Here Please

25 October 2011
Cassie McGettigan

A great many friends seem to be approaching the gates, passing through, or plain dealing with their Saturn Return—that is, when the Great Malefic planet Saturn wheels back to meet your natal Saturn, that is, a wake-up call from the dreams of youth, that is, when shit hits the fan. Think: Janis, Jimi, Jim, Kurt, Amy, Brian Jones. All turning 30-ish. (Other useful “that is”zezz available here.)

My friend, our shop manager Em is constructing for herself a distinct alternative to the world obliterating spaz out that comes with this crossroads period, this realm of responsibility. As her Saturn makes its return, this fine lady has been taking to the out of doors, she has been biking to the beach, she has been boning up on pottery books, she has brunette-ified. Sure, as with most of us, there’s been talk of graduate school. With her, it’s been business school, but once I assured her that she can just take over our business, she’s been doing great! And today is her birthday! Happy Birthday Em!

I know Em would like for me to celebrate this special day by reaching deep in my library of 70s decorating books and sharing with you some joyful working environments of elders who have met their Saturn Return with similar gusto and did it their way. I give you—

Obvi Bill Kirsh‘s architectural medallion is a yin-yang-ish wave. All images from Working Places, technically published in 1980, by Jeffrey Weiss. Photographs by David Leach.

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SunRay’s Crib

23 September 2011
Cassie McGettigan

SunRay Kelley + MTV Cribs = Pleasure Darkly

The kids are alright.
Thanks for the email Cindy!

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