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Pansy Panty Party

8 October 2013
Cassie McGettigan




Pansy is the (dare I say)  flower child  of fellow Gravel & Gold ladies Rachel Corey and Laura Schoorl. Made from American, 100% organic cotton, these panties are a particular joy.  Not only are they are soft, dreamy and fit my rump pleasingly, but  thanks to these undergarments  I can now FULLY  dress, from head to toe, in items made by gals I love, in the city I occupy.  Thank you girls, for completing the full (moon) circle.

Gravel & Gold is thrilled to be hosting the launch of Pansy and to reach new heights of lady-joy vibe in the shop. Come Join us this Thursday, October 10th from 6-8 pm for a proper panty party. Floral cocktails and treats will be served and underwear will abound.

As of 10/10/13 Pansy will be on sale at Gravel & Gold and online at

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Critical Ass

4 November 2012
Em Gift

About six months ago my good friend Pearl Marill asked if I wanted to be in her wacky exercise video project. For some bizarre reason I declined, only to have deep remorse later. (My pants, however, did make it into the video. They are the little red number on the blonde babe-man Alex) The video then turned into an ongoing performance piece, Critical Ass, that would engage people in free dance workouts at parks around the city. As she puts it “Critical Ass creates an accessible and affordable (FREE) class for the public that allows us to get a great workout, wear spandex, provide free performances, and hang out with old friends and new friends on a beautiful day in the park. I figured, if we are going to be here in the park already, why not dance, and play with new ideas for performance in a space we don’t have to pay for rentals, all the while providing activity and entertainment for park goers around us?” The event strongly supports the liberal use of spandex and bright colored costume and serves as a 80’s Jazzercise inspired show/play/watch/join/dance/sweat/booze church for those who love to move or just like watching. I am in shop today wishing and wishing I was out there with them. Critical Ass is taking place up at Randall Park til 6pm TODAY! Stop by if you want to be entertained or want to bust a move, but really watch this amazing video on repeat.

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Skill Exchange Workshop Series

23 August 2012
Em Gift

Skill Exchange is a skill sharing workshop series designed to inspire the community to use their hands, and learn new and traditional hand making skills in a fun, social setting. They have teamed up with StoreFrontLab to bring a new and exciting lineup of workshops to the Mission. Upon meeting the lovely Kate Koeppel, creator of Skill Exchange, I was floored by her rad workshop-sharing-mega-fun-time events she has planned! Starting September 7th, Skill Exchange and StoreFrontLab will host a 3-day pop-up workshop series featuring demonstrations, conversations and tastings to teach, share and learn self-reliance skills. These low-cost workshops with Bay Area chefs, artisans and entrepreneurs will focus on urban farming, seasonal cooking, building, mending and making. Generous support provided by Hello! Lucky and Ritual Coffee Roasters.

Tickets at: and the full schedule of workshops is here.

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23 August 2012
Em Gift

We are stoked to be a part of the birthday festivities in jollification of three decades of  Headlands programing! We will be there with bells on setting up camp in our family tent and G&G mobile and will be sharing our wares and cares and providing a killer coloring station for kiddos and adults alike

Celebrating 30 years of supporting art and artists, Headlands invites you to a family-friendly, artist-driven festival in the Fort Barry Parade Ground of the Marin Headlands, a part of the Golden Gate National Parks. An array of artist projects, games, musical entertainment, bike & surf activities, artist-led hikes, hands-on projects, and local artisan vendor booths will be on-site to delight and engage party-goers of all ages.

more information here

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Love ❤ Aloha

14 February 2012
Cassie McGettigan

Happy Whale Hat made by Drew out of construction paper and chopsticks, Happy Valentine’s Day, and Happy Birthday Susan + Graham! xoxo

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16 December 2011
Cassie McGettigan

Alisa Grifo’s shop Kiosk has been a major influence on what we do at Gravel & Gold. She curates a range of products during her travels all over the world and offers them in an exhibition format at her shop in SoHo, New York. Each item is presented with a full explanation, which comes along with the item to its new owner.

We have worked with Alisa to set up an exchange between our two shops. Our  Kiosk kiosk here at Gravel & Gold combines some faithful standards from the ongoing Kiosk collection along with a few items from Alisa’s current America #4 group.

Please, in the flesh, all the way out here in San Francisco, come experience how marvelous it is to strike the Xylophone, haul the Steele Log Carrier, manage your dinner dates with help from the Bread & Puppet 2012 Calendar, sharpen your turkey carver with a handy sharpening tool, open and then seal! your non-alcoholic cider with a Hermetus Bottle Opener, and test your insane cakes with as ingenious not-a-broom Cake Tester.

Those in New York, we hope you enjoy our own selection of West Coast warm-makers when you make your necessary stop off at Kiosk. There you’ll find  our familiar West Marin Trees Bath Salt, Peter Scherr ceramic pipes, Osborn/Woods postcards, wildcrafted Smudge Sticks, Pt. Reyes Gold Hoop earrings, Emmy’s pickled Tumeric Cauliflower, George Knowles spoons, and Slip-N-Snip Scissors.

Many thanks to New York Magazine for the cousin coinage and thanks to Refinery 29 for the pics of Kiosk.

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Opening: Remains in the End Times

29 November 2011
Em Gift

Our good friends over at The Popular Workshop are doing stellar things these days! Their shows are getting bigger & better and quite frankly have me squirming with excitement for the next opening!  In the words of hanging with Nate Hooper, co-founder and mega sweet dude, “The next show is retardedly gangster”. Oh and it is! Yoshi Sodeoka, Rosa Menkman, Daniel Menche, JK Keller, and Cristopher Cichocki are the artists on display starting December 2nd. These audio, media and sculpture powerhouses put together a show lasting up to the most current D-day on the horizon.  As a big F-you to the doomsday-ers, these artists have taken an already existing shit-show of smog, ruin, global warming and hi-technology content and morphed it, dwarfed it, made and example of it, and molded it into, well,  psychedelia that will TRIP. YOU. OUT. For example: THIS.

I am told that vodka has been donated to assist in the tripping… Arguably on par with I-Dosing?

Opening Reception: Friday, Dec. 2nd 6p—10p

Ongoing through 10/30/11

The Popular Workshop

1173 Sutter Street

Tuesday – Saturday

12p — 6p


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Ashley Thayer at Tartine Bakery

15 November 2011
Cassie McGettigan

Aequum, Ashley Thayer’s installation of hand-dyed textiles, quilts, and paintings is opening tomorrow night at Tartine Bakery. We are delighted, as well, to offer a selection of Ashley’s scarves and napkins here at the shop….we’re also planning to offer a workshop with Ashley to come soon down the line. Much to enjoy!

Curious about the ceramics here? I was. Aren’t they marvelous! They’re by Zachary Leener, whose work I’ve much admired down at Iko Iko.

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Cut Out

21 October 2011
Cassie McGettigan

Rachel Kaye’s solo show of drawings, paintings, and sculpture, CUT OUT, opens tonight at Triple Base, from 7 – 10 pm. They’ve also published a catalogue that surveys Rachel’s work from 2008-2011. A must have!

The show will run til November 20th.


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