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NOIZ in the Works

19 March 2013
Cassie McGettigan

Rachel Kaye paints a giant 60″ x 36″ piece of acetate + our friends at ZOO-INK = “NOIZ”
Thanks so much Rachel! And thanks, Tessa, for taking these beautiful shots!

First Falls Totes

13 December 2012
Cassie McGettigan

Click for Can Buy:

>> Tops & UU Totes

28 November 2012
Cassie McGettigan

Large & small boob totes are in, tops are sewn, pillowcases uh-huh and all available online! Only Kim is missing…. Come back Kim! xoxo

Boobs Pillowcase

19 November 2012
Cassie McGettigan


We finally got our hands on a new batch of Boobs Pillowcases! They’re now available in the shop and online here so you can go ahead and cross off just about every family member on your holiday shopping list, starting with your 13 year old brother who will not believe his luck! We also got a few more Boob Tops in, in case you’ve been waiting to get a hold of one of those….

Many thanks again to Andrew, Drew, and Loren for so kindly, and with very little explanation or reserve, posing for these ridiculous photographs right at the last minute when we needed them.  >>  UU   )• )•   <<  uu

Boobs Get a Workout

17 February 2012
Cassie McGettigan

Aunties extend further excitement in celebration of beautiful wee Lou Meinolf, seen here wrapped up in a blanket made with love by proud Papa Travis, Action Weaver, in the loving arms of Mama Iris, surrounded in every way possible with love, handcrafts, and Boobs.

Mahalo for the pics, Travis und Iris! xx

G&G Goods Now at General Store

31 October 2011
Cassie McGettigan

We are so stoked to announce that a selection of our Gravel & Gold Goods are now available for sale at General Store, our favorite fellow San Francisco shop. Though it’s all the way out in the Sunset District, General Store is the next stop I suggest to our visitors. It a beautiful space, carefully curated by Serena Mitnik-Miller and Mason St. Peter. We feel honored to be represented there along with so many wonderful artists.

UU >> uu V V OO (BOOBS)

28 October 2011
Cassie McGettigan

The Boob Top

Boob Bucket Bag

Boob Tote Bag

Our new batch of Gravel & Gold Goods features our Boob print on a Top, a Bucket Bag, and a Tote Bag. They are now available for sale on the website.

I’ve been walking around with my own Bucket Bag for a few weeks now. So far, the response I most often get is a giggle—much to my satisfaction—or a lady searching out which pair closest resemble her pair. Better yet is when a friend of the lady determines for the lady which pair is her pair. Always a pleasure, in any case.

All of these goods are being made right in the shop with the highest quality materials and attention to craftsmanship.