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Shadow Wave

7 November 2012
Em Gift

We have a full blown crush on Robert Patterson. Not the actor, though this one could break a couple hearts up on the silver screen too, but the RP here in San Francisco who is the creative mastermind behind Revolver, Voyager, Ken Ken Ramen, Suika, Naka-Muguro and now designs and produces his owns menswear line Dillon Montara. Geeze this guy has a knack for making good things happen! We are so very very pleased to show off his new fall line and begin what will surely be an ongoing love affair between the two of us. Please join in this Saturday evening Nov 10th from 6pm-8pm and see/feel/experience these sharp designs, heavy Japanese fabrics and swoon worthy stylings of Dillon Montara.

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Peanut Gets a New Name

17 February 2012
Lisa Foti-Straus

We Aunties welcome Oliver Brooke Halsey Murch into our flock of well loved, overly-much-kissed boys.

Our dear Bronwen gave birth to Oliver on the morning of January 22nd in the same room where elder brother Arlo arrived, in the same house where Papa Mickey was born on their family farm up north. Nice start little one.

Glad you’re here Love!

Girls of the National Geographic

13 January 2012
Em Gift

Our buddy Orion Shepherd is a man of many talents. Not only is he, hands down, THE best dancer I have ever had the good graces to see/experience/boogie with, he is a super dialed-in artist.  He recently brought a fresh batch of his newest creation, his 2012 Girls of the National Geographic Pin-up Calendars. When he and I spoke about them he told me the idea first came to him from a discussion he had had over the mis-directed concept of the National Geographic boob.  He is also an avid NG collector. In going through his stuff in preparation for his big move down to Los Angeles, he stumbled upon his stash and BING the idea came back to him. He made this calendar in part to combat the bra-less, droopy, has-breast-fed-the-village-for-the-past-fifteteen-years idea the term “NGB” has created, and in part to utilize the National nostalgia he has collected, oh also in part to make a pin-up calendar too.  He is proud to show all types of boobies in his pin-up!  Orion’s personal fav? Why his birth month of September of course.  Mine is August.  Thank you for giving me something I will remember you by all year Orion, you will be missed

Get em’ in-shop now while you can still enjoy the beauty of Ms. January.


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