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A Call for Caulbearers

5 February 2009
Nile Nash

For those not yet versed in the physiologic and cosmic possibilities of childbirth, I’d like to introduce you to birth in the caul. I’ve recently come across a video of a Mama having a water birth—which is a method of birth during which the awesome parturient Mama is partially submerged in lovely warm water and—the new little soul being born slides from her first watery home into another wet environment. The baby, still getting oxygen from the Mama via the placenta and umbilical cord, does not take it’s first breath until out of the tub when she is stimulated by the air. This video is extraordinary because it shows both a water birth and a birth in the caul!

The amazing image that you see here, which looks like a pearly gem emerging, is actually the baby’s amniotic sac bulging out. The bag of waters or caul is the valise that the little bean lives in during the average 40 weeks of gestation. Most often the membranes rupture during the labor process (think: “My water just broke!”) or is artificially ruptured by a Midwife or Obstetrician prior to birth.゠ There is no harm in leaving the amniotic sac whole, however, and many peoples all over the world believe that when left intact the caul and the baby which bears it have magical qualities.

Legend holds that caulbearers carry good luck and protection from death by drowning, making them considerably valuable folks among seafarers. The Scots, too, believe the child will be fey, or psychic. And from the ancient Egyptians we learn that the newborn baby is destined for the cult of Isis, a mystically inclined fate.

Notice first of all how relaxed this amazing Lady is while pushing her baby out.゠ You can see that the sac bulges and contracts with pushing efforts and relaxation respectively and that the head is born with the caul intact. The Midwife then breaks the membranes and catches the little one.

Just think how cushioned both Baby and Mama are during this process of birth in the caul.

Psychic abilities?! No perineal tears?! No cephalohematomas?! Three cheers for CAULBEARERS!! (As well as the amazing Women who push them out and the Midwives and OB docs who have the patience and respect to leave the process be).

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17 Responses to “A Call for Caulbearers”

  1. Guinever says:

    This is amazing. Thanks for posting.

  2. Diana says:

    I was born with a caul. My brother was born on Feb. 5.

  3. kim jonsson says:

    Any of you born with a call truly psychic? If so, how old were you when it was recognized in you? Do you hear voices? see visions… I would love to know more. :)

  4. Pentacular says:

    Hi, I’m trying to find a young woman called Diana who was born with a caul. Diana, if you are still around, you might drop me a line via the contact page at

    Sean Ryan

  5. My name is Jade and I’m a member (caulbearer) of a newly formed website called, Caulbearers United, which is owned by a caulbearer, who’s vision is to unite caulbearers and their families from around the globe. You can visit most sections without becoming a member…however, there are restricted parts of the forum for privacy…of course! As a caulbearer, you will feel like you’re home! It’s a wonderful site and has been on line less than a month. Give me a shout out when you join and please mention that you heard about Caulbearers United from this site!

    Caulbearers…Stand and be Counted!
    Bye for now,


  6. Shannon says:

    Hi all…I’m Shannon from Caulbearers United. =)

    I just wanted to pop in for a moment to shed some clarity on Cassie’s well intentioned blog and video. When a child is born inside of the entire sac, this is not a caul birth, and the child is not a caulbearer. This type of birth is known as an “en caul” birth. It is unknown whether the child of such a birth is endowed with the gifts of an authentic caulbearer, who is born with a piece of the amniotic sac attached to the head at birth.

    However, I am researching what an “en caul” baby experiences in the way of special gifts, or lack there of…so if you were born “en caul” or you gave birth to an “en caul” child, please contact me through my website!


  7. Karla Diane Stewart says:

    My name is Karla , My Mother went into labor on January 15 1971 serving roast beef for dinner to then what I would come to learn as my brother and three sisters . I was born at 1159 pm labor started at 530pm earlier on the day of my birth . When I was born I was born with a veil my mother told me of this fleshy extra layer of skin that covered my head and eyes , nose and mouth just under my chin or neck area . Hooked on by my new developed ears . And I was perfect .a 6lb 8oz baby girl born with a veil and wanted to let people in on the difference of a veil / caul . The sack is not the veil ,if born with a sack does not make you a caulbearer . Its just circumstance of birth . I was born with a caul and two water sacks . Me in one and the other empty . Dont know if twins ever ran in our family but it was me and I was alone . As I grew older and coming from a very Religious family in Christian beliefs I could never really crasp these practices . Always felt it was missing something . Like someone somewhere took the truth out of the bible and gave us what they seen fit . At 5 I can remember having a invisiable friend named Danny . He lived in anything that was made of stone but stayed closely to our brick fireplace where it was warm . I would sit with him and talk . My parents just thought this cute . Around that age I could hear talking that others couldnt . Lots of different voices and sometimes they could inform me of things to come . Things that were to happen .. I heard these til I reached puberty and like any teen goes thru a stage of rebelliousness , so did I . It was during this time things and activities in our home started to really take off . Seeing spirits , hearing voices , premonitions etc.. At eighteen I was invited to go to special meeting of mediums and curious I went . There I met a auto writer . She told me I was born blessed and legions of Angels around me to protect me in my true lifes work . . That they were like a shield that know badness could get through . They were there when I was born and would remain with me my whole life . Fair enough I thought . In my late twenties still experiencing ” weirdness”, as I would call it time to time I came across a book , a work book from a parapshycology (spelled wrong I know) class . There I read up on different things and discovered through this book I too had abilities such as auto writing . I made a sandwhich and thought engage your concious mind so your higher self could come through , Put on a movie, why watching had a pencil and paper then 1 hour and 33 minutes later when movie was over I had a 6 page letter from a spirit guide by the name of charles that preferred to be just called Charlie .. Even then I doubted myself my concious mind didnt want to believe, but here I was interrupting things that I shouldn’t of known . Later on I started using a board of symbols and found this was much faster then writing cause I could stay focused why staying unfocused at the same time , if that makes any sense . I was told by certain people I have met ,that through my life about the myths of being born a caulbearer . The spiritual abilities and responsabilities that come along with me a 1 in 800,000 birth ..So a embryo sack does not make a caulbearer and tight layer of extra skin hiding your little face does .. I myself am seeking to meet actuual caulbearers like myself . I need to know if there has been depression , sense of loneliness , and premonitions and voices and spiritual activity in your lives . Since ” Caulbearers ” are a rare bunch I could go my whole life on earth and never meet one . Though at times I have met people I swear I sink up with so well I could swear they were one like me . Just never got the chance to ask them . Do I freak people out .? Yes ,most definately I am well misunderstood and concidered a odd breed of kid my entire life . I could lose friends as fast as I made them in their fears aventually after being around me for any length of time . Can someone like me touch base with me . Let me know I am not alone cause it sure feels like it . We are emerging on a new age in the universe . A awakening is starting to happen not quite yet but is coming soon . Your either on or off. I dont understand it all . But there will be a darker time before its get easy ,darker then the time were in now with war and disease and hurting and polluting .. But believe me when I say .. Caulbearers , Indigo and star children . Your time is coming .. Contact me please cause I am so on board ..We are all special and are meant to be here ..

  8. Karla Diane Stewart says:

    Remember it is not the sack but the skin over the face after the sack is gone removed or other that is the veil . Your video is a misconception I am sorry to say .. Read on about caulbearers , look it up on line and I promise you will find the order of” the way “a group of caulbearing people , some not, looking for caulbearers and like minded ..

  9. Monica Mascio says:

    I believe I have the answers to who we are and our purose.We are special people to God.We are here to serve the angels.Those who have fallen.The angel who I have been dealimg with since I was 16 has helped me to understand what the purpose of the caulbearer is.He let me know who he was after years of torment.The reason we are able to see and hear things that others can’t is God purpose.We need to tell them that we know who they are and our purpose of commuication is to tell them they have a way of salvation.Don’t abuse the caulbearer or deny this message.Caulbearers make these angels talk to you tell them I’m done playing your games talk to me.I know who you are you need to REPENT NOW!Tell them their time is running out,remind them you are a tool of GODs and they better treat you good we are as special as Moses or Noah.This does work my angel and I now get along he does not torment me anymore.We talk as if life long friends.We both want peace for the caulbearers.I was truely torment as many of you are now.I wrote a poem that I believe we all can relate to.
    The veil was there at the beginning,
    For a long time I didn’t know it’s meaning.
    A life of pain and endless tormoil,
    Everything around me starts to uncoil.
    An open mind allowing whispered voices,
    Unable to fight the stronger forces.
    Misunderstood,mistreated,drowning in sorrow,
    Wondering what will happen tomorrow.
    Chosen,gifted is what I am told,
    Why do I feel as if I bought and sold.
    Love and forgiveness along with truth comes from me.
    The things I know; no one around me can see.
    Cause and Effect is the price I pay,
    Such a heavy burden to bare everyday.
    I thought I was alone but now I see,
    Ther are others out there just like me.
    At an early age I was given a sign,
    Seeing loved ones pass before their time.
    We need a heavenly light to see through the surface,
    We are few with a wonderful purpose.
    I wonder what the message is that I must send,
    It is that with love and forgiveness the tresspass will end.

  10. Jay says:

    I have known about this phenomena for quite some time and My recalcitrance in speaking on it until now is for a host of reasons. Such as needing to be careful speaking of such things in public because you don’t really know who’s who unless by words,actions or both. I know that I am different as are We all and for so long I struggled with acceptance and have now reached the point that I now realize the only approval I ever needed was My OWN. In this day and time as the Planet’s collective consciousness shifts to the Higher Vibration it is incumbent that We’re right on the inside AND outside as well. When We become closer together Our INTENTIONS need to become purer as well. Love is only a word if We don’t CARE About each other.

  11. Megan Bauman says:

    8:00 a.m. Anaheim, CA. February 2, 1975 4 lbs. 9 oz. And 2 weeks overdue , i was born at home in my moms bed in the caul. FULLY INTACT. The sac had not broke water still inside with fetus submerged. My mother tells me i was starring right at both my parents. She thought i was still born. My father called my mothers Dr. And he told my father to pop the bag. Because i no longer had an oxygen supply. So he did so. Dr then asked if i was making any noisees or movements, he said no. The Dr instructed him to place me with my mother. On her chest. And when my father placed me on my mother she said i made a little sigh cry type noise to letting her know i was ok. The Dr arrived shortly after. I was weighed with an old school fish scale. The Dr told my mom that i was a very spcial baby. And that i will be a very extroadinary little girl. Now i am 38 years old and i am still only 4 ‘ 10″ andi weigh 95 lbs soaking wet. I have also mothered 3 children now almost all grown.

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  13. Constance Moody says:

    I was born July 12, 1981 with a full caul over my entire face. It was a small town hospital and they knew nothing of what it was. No doctor was available to deliver me because after checking my mother he felt she would be in labor for a while so he left for the night. My mother warned them but no one listened. A nurse came in to check my mother and upon lifting the sheet found me, face up with the caul… My caul was destroyed by the nurse they also did not report my birth with the state until the following day. I have two birth certificates one from the hospital on the 12th and the other with the state which is the 13th… I sense things and often feel shadowed, disconnected, lost ….Is this because my caul was destroyed???

    Can anyone help me?

  14. Isaac Bloomfield says:

    I am a “caulbearer” and this all seems like an overrated, superstitious attempt at spiritual egoism. “I am special!”

  15. jasmine says:

    I am a coulbearer. My original language is not english so please excuse me for my writing if it is wrong. I was know that I am a coulbearer but I didn’t know this is big issue and all this I am reading now. I have always this feeling before something bad happen. And other thing I can sense. I always tought that I have a powerfull 6.sense. can anyone explain to me what is coulbearer realy is.

  16. Carlie Fambro says:

    To all Caulbears: I also have the gift of a Caulbearer. I was told by my mother when I was in my 40’s that I was born with a veil over my face. I knew as early as 12 years old when I was baptized I knew something was different about me than my other siblings. I’m 7th child out of 9 children. Through my research I hear other children from same family can also be a Caulbearer. As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more senstive and more aware of my gift. I know things before they happen, I sense things that are negative. When I’m around a crowd of people I become nauceous easily. My father was a preacher, I was shielded of many things in life. Back then, born with a veil was never spoken around my family or to anyone else. I guess it was a taboo subject. Being a Calbearer has been an advantage for me over the years because I have a photographic memory. I don’t claim to be clairvoyant but I’m able to see with my spiritual eyes and ears. I have a brother who died at age 3 33 whom I think was born with a veil over his face also but wasn’t able to deal with his gift. My son and daughter are only aware that I have a 6th sense and they confide in me of things that aren’t sure of. I was contacted in a dream from a man who passed away in 2009 whom I believe was a Calbearer. Recently I was contacted in dream from an old love who passed away in April. I believe he was also a Calbearer. I was close to both men and believe our attraction was because we were Calbearers.

  17. Brittany says:

    I grow up feeling special and different dead ppl in my family would come to me even my folks before my time I remember when I was 3 telling my mom I feel special I feel like nothin will ever happen to me now finding out a week ago I am a ‘caul bearer’ born with a veil over my face makes sense now. Feels good to know there’s ppl out there like me I have so much other things but to much to write :)